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    Viognier Ratafia N.V

    Have a Haan wine and drink life to the lees


    "Ratafia is the thick, sweet, peach-coloured aperitif of the Champagne district." "... a few moments after the juice has been pressed out of the champagne grapes brandy (ideally cognac) is added to it ... the mixture is put in cask and later bottled." "... that Ratafia is not better known outside the Champagne district is a pity, ..." Patrick Forbes, Champagne: the wine, the land and the people, pp. 379-381 "Ratafia may be red, white or pink, it is an alcoholic beverage which has not undergone fermentation, ..." Tom Stevenson, Champagne, p. 158


    Cheeses - rich, piquant blue veined cheese Raisin tarts, gateau, Dutch licorice biscuits Melon and strawberries are preferred fruits Fantastic with marinated strawberries/pancakes with cream and apricot jam/or mud cake


    The MV stands for 'multi vintage" for indeed this wine is made from a number of vintages, some stretching back for more than eight years. Ratafia is the name given in Europe to the pressings which are too full to go with the "free run" juice. In turn it is immediately fortified with spirit and put into wood without fermentation most often, but sometimes with the first touch of ferment. In this case a neutral clean spirit was used to allow the Viognier characters to blossom rather than the spirit. And so it has turned out as promised. As such then we have a non-botrytised dessert wine with glorious flavours. Aged in French oak, the wine has taken up a light golden colour while giving luscious rich flavours of peach and honeysuckle. There is a touch of spiciness which is barely noticeable coming from the oak. Being made from Viognier is very rare indeed and so little of it made.


    Only 67 dozen made. Available in 375ml bottles in cartons of one dozen per carton.
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